Spirit of '44 Patch Care
Taking care of your investment is always a priority for maximum durability. I started painting patches in 1994 and over the years I have tried many paint systems. I've settled on acrylic paints that are both durable and flexible. Before they leave my hands they are treated with Kiwi brand Conditioning Oil. This can be found in just about any shoe department at larger stores. It is a thick paste that seals the leather and prevents water damage. I apply a generous amount so when your patch arrives it is ready to sew on your jacket or mount in a frame. After your patch is sewn to your jacket I recommend applying the Conditioning Oil atleast once a year. This cleans and seals your patch to prevent dry rot and water damage. The acrylic paint is extremely durable and will age with your jacket as it gains its own patina.

When it comes time to sew your patch to your jacket I highly recommend finding a, leather specific, tailor. Patches that were sewn on during the war had about 5 stitches to the inch...which isn't hard to replicate but finding someone that can do that can be difficult. I also recommend glueing your patch to the jacket before having it sewn on. A small amount of contact cement is all that is needed to lightly tack the patch or nametag to the jacket. There is nothing like getting your jacket back and finding your patch 2 or 3 inches off the intended position.

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