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It can certainly be said that WWII brought out both the best and worst of possible human conditions. The term, "greatest generation", is perhaps the best analogy ever given to a people for period of history. The attack on Pearl Harbor set in motion the industrial might of a nation threatened by the potential catastrophic loss of freedom. They rose to the challenge on all fronts. The entire country came together in a collective effort to win the war at all costs. As men went to war women became vital contributors to the war effort. They took over the factories and the key roles that were not traditionally for women.

Jackie Cochran pioneered the Women Airforce Service Pilots program that allowed, for the first time, females to fly military aircraft in the United States. The program freed up male pilots for combat. The WASP's ferried aircraft from the factories, towed targets for gunnery training, and moved cargo and military personell around the United States. Just over 1,000 women graduated from flight training at Avenger Field in Sweetwater Texas.

The backbone of the USAAF was the men and women, who, built, trained, and flew the airpower that helped win the war.
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