Painted Jackets

There are few things that are more sentimental to a WWII veteran than his flight jacket. The A-2 Jacket is/was the penultimate piece of gear that was worn with pride throughout all theaters of combat.

We are proud to offer the ability to recreate these pieces of Americana. There were very few aircraft in service that did not have some form of artwork or crew personalization. The options are nearly endless. Whether you want to recreate a known jacket, or have your favorite crew or airplane commemorated on the back of a jacket, we can cover it all. Prices starts at $250.

Leather Canvas Art and Shadow Boxes

Something unique that we offer is the opportunity to have A-2 style artwork recreated on a leather canvas. We use the finest goat skin hides that are of the same grade as the A-2 Jacket. These are full scale paintings that can be mounted on the wall or in a shadow box with other memorabilia. Rather than having a jacket that spends most of the time in the closet you can have a prominent display piece that can be viewed year round.

You can build up a beautiful tribute that can include the squadron patches, nametags, shoulder insignia, or use your own memorabilia. Prices start at $250 for both framed and shadow box designs. Price does not include framing or the shadow box. Please call to discuss your custom artwork.
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