Custom Art Click Here!
We are not limited to WWII artwork. The sky is literally the limit. If you own a business and want your logo recreated in leather patch form, we can do that. If you are, or were in the Armed Services we can create group or squadron patches based on your artwork. If you want a custom aircraft panel, we can make that happen. Do you have an original non standard patch you want recreated, we can do that. You name it, we can work with you to make your project come to life.
Framed Art Click Here!
I'm working on a series of projects that vary in media. Everything from Pencil drawings of WWII aircraft to Watercolorings of 30's Racers. Keep your eye out here for future offerings. If you would like a custom drawing or aviation related painting please do not hesitate to call.
Custom Patches Click Here!
Custom Patches are tailored to your specific need. I can do a specific Aircraft, Noseart, Cartoon, Group, or non aviation design. These are designed with a 40's theme, but I can do any genre. This link takes you to patches we have completed to specific customer needs. Whatever you would like translated to leather we can do! Contact me at jfhar43@gmail.com to discuss your design!