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Over the years I've seen many people contemplate having a jacket painted. One of the issues that many run in to is actually wearing the jacket once it's painted. I completely understand the level of investment a hand painted jacket represents.

Being part of the Wings of Freedom Tour allowed me to meet many Veterans. One that stood out was Basil Hackelman. Basil flew 14 of his 35 missions in 909 with the 91st Bomb Group. When Basil passed on in 2016 I wanted to create tribute to him to hang on my wall. I had some jacket quality goat skin intended for another project in store. I thought maybe painting a piece of jacket art and framing it with photos and other mementos would be the way to go. The Shadow box was born...and a fitting tribute to Basil. If you would like something similar please contact me, you will not be disappointed.
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