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New Catalog! 11-15-2017 Start at Page 1, or Start with a Theater of Operations.
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Google Earth .kmz files added to each Group Page, just click the base name to open in Google Earth
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Custom Patches added to the Gallery 11-15-2017

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Home Front
5th Air Force
8th Air Force
12th Air Force
14th Air Force
China-Burma- India
15th Air Force
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Custom Patches
Jacket Art
Shoulder Patches
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or use the numbered theater buttons on the right. Each theater contains a selection of known patches by group and squadron. If you can't find the particular group or squadron please contact me directly for assistance.

The individual groups are given their own pages. This allows for a more concise snapshot of the group without the clutter or confusion of other patches. There is also a link to Google Earth to view the Base of Operations during WWII

9th Air Force
You will find over 200 USAAF Squadron and Group Patches within these pages! Begin browsing from the beginning or your particular theater of interest.
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