Hand Painted Leather Patch Online Catalog

During WWII the USAAF made available 5" leather discs for the purpose of applying group or squadron insignia. Just about every group had some form of insignia, both USAAF approved and unapproved. Painting patches became a sort of cottage industry for those with artistic within the group or locals looking to make some money on the side. These insignia range from really intricate to really simple. The Italian Island of Capri became a hotspot for both R&R and hand crafted insignia. Most of the patches that emerged from Capri were beautifully hand carved and painted. One thing they all have in common, they all speak to a bygone era. These insignia represent a focal point of camaraderie and esprit de corps that continues to this day.

In an attempt to better organize the patch catalog we have divided them in to the European Theater and the Pacific Theater. You will find Bomber Groups and Fighter Groups associated with each theater by following the links. They are listed in numerical order by group and squadron. You can browse each page of each theater or you can click the specific group or squadron. If you cannot find the Group or Squadron you are looking for please let me know. There are literally hundreds of insignias, if I don't have it I can probably find it!
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